Life Sciences

Life Sciences process can be used to accomplish many things. Yet, in it's most valuable form, process should be viewed as a means to familiarize business users with data that is potentially available to them and to create efficiency around how that data is collected, analyzed, and provided back to the business.

Most organizations have organic processes that grew out of necessity, but in STRATALYCS Technologies experience few have developed formal process for taking in analytics requests, for data quality management, or for new tagging requests. While each of these activities usually happens at organizations today, they are largely handled through ad hoc processes that fail to provide consistency or efficient delivery. As such, Analytics Demystified recommends that companies implement a process framework that will address each of these critical components.

Note that the introduction of a new process into a business environment requires a change in habits and routines. While our process recommendations seek to minimize disruption to everyday operations, some new ways of collaborating will be required. Analytics Demystified's recommended processes are designed to be minimally invasive, but we recognize that change management may be required to introduce new process to the business and to illustrate the business benefits of using process to expedite analytics.

Effective Business Analysis brings about a better understanding of your organisation's business processes used in the delivery of its services and products.


Bio Services

Bio Informatics

Bioinformatics and bio-statistical expertise is a basic necessity for any organisation seeking to make an impact in a burgeoning bioscience and health sector.

Next Generation Sequencing

Stratalycs provides you with solutions for streamlining for NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) data analysis through effective data management, appropriate analytical strategies and visualization.

Micro array Data Analysis

Stratalycs provides Microarray data analysis from basic quality assessment,gene expression analysis, pathway analysis, clustering analysis, gene ontology enrichment analysis etc. Using bioinformatics algorithms

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy Data Analysis

Stratalycs provides a computational framework and tools for discovery-based Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) data analysis in terms of functionality, user interfaces, information input or output, and readily facilitate appropriate statistical data analysis.

Scientific Writing

Stratalycs provides scientific writing Services which includes academic, Scientific and also English language manuscripts. We provide editing services only in Life Sciences field (Biological science and Bioinformatics). like writing, reading, proofreading and publication support


Stratalycs has a team of excellent researchers and presently our researchers are dealing with bioinformatics research projects. Our team find unique solutions to client research problems. Stratalycs encourages students, researchers who are interested in research.


Stratalycs is one of the leading medical coding companies in India providing coding services, as per the norms and with precision, to hospitals, physician offices, group practices, ACS and the like. Accuracy in medical coding is vital for revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry and an essential step prior to claim submission.