Scientific Writing

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Writing plays an essential part in scientific community in that theories, ideas, findings, cases, etc may be shared in the community so as to add to its vast knowledge. Good scientific writing is a necessity to share these in a precise and concise manner through various scientific publications.

Stratalycs Technologies provides scientific writing service through a team of experts well versed in life sciences and english language. The team will aid in writing your manuscript as well as editing and proof reading the same. Also, here at Stratalycs we provide support the publication of your research findings in globally recognized journals. We provide scientific writing services for both academic and research areas in the field of life sciences. English language proof reading/ editing services are also available.




Our team of experts are qualified to translate the scientific ideas and research data and findings into a well scripted manuscript draft formatted according to the global standards of publication. In continuous contact with the client the team strives to put forth the same in a precise and concise manner at without leaving out any details and to the satisfaction of the client.

We provide writing services in:

  • Academic Writing
  • Research Writing
  • Rewriting

Academic Writing includes writing of reports on academic studies, academic research articles (if any) and academic project thesis. For this purpose we would require your study objectives, methodologies employed, tables and graphs and the outcome of your study and any other data that needs to be included. We will help you with literature review and upon request with tables and graphs and statistical analysis of your data.


Research Writing includes writing of research proposals, research articles, review articles and research thesis. Here, we'll require your study topic and objectives, purpose of the specific study, methods of studies and departments or organizations involved (where necessary), discrepancies, if any, or similarities or extensions with regards to previous studies, your data, tables, graphs, figures, statistical analyses, results, etc. Also, the target PhD granting commission or journal needs to be specified for ease in structuring your proposal/ thesis or manuscript. Support would be provided with literature review, tables and graphs and statistical analyses only on request.


Rewriting services would provided wherein the organization of the manuscript is not satisfactory, if any data should be added or removed, if the article has to be shortened in length, or for correcting the scientific terminology and language editing.




Editing of the manuscript is done to ensure that the manuscript is devoid of any repetitions or plagiarism as well as to check for any grammatical and vocabulary errors. Also, the draft is revised and reviewed multiple times to ensure accurate scientific terminology and that the facts and details have been defined fully. Editing is done to author satisfaction in that the manuscript clearly states the findings of the author clearly. The structure, word choice and language for the manuscript are given the utmost importance. The manuscript is also edited to suit the various formatting norms for individual journals. However, the tables, charts and figures are reviewed only on request and not otherwise.


Also, the author is free to accept or reject the suggestions in their final manuscript for submission in academic and journals.

  • Exhaustive and comprehensive revision of the manuscript content and incorporation of substantial changes to the text.
  • Checking the manuscript's English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.
  • Holding back for correct scientific terminology, appropriate utilization of units of measurement, symbols and variables.
  • Rephrasing and revising sentence structure,improving word choice.
  • Adjusting the writing style to make it consistent and logical and confirm to a chosen standard.
  • Improving the organization and quality of communication.
  • Eliminating repetitions to ensure continuity and logical presentation of the author's thoughts and making overall improvement of the manuscript.
  • Triple-checks to improve the clarity and logic of presentation, and most importantly, ensure that the intent of the author is presented correctly.
  • Fact checking to verify simple and obvious statement of facts about their accuracy.
  • References, tables and figures are not reviewed unless specifically requested by the authors.
  • The authors are free to accept or reject the suggestions in their final manuscript for submission to academic and English language journals.

Proof reading:


The final draft post editing is proof read for its writing styles, page layout and line spacing, positions of the tables, charts and figures and rechecked for the scientific terminology and english language, etc. The keywords and abbreviations, the consistency of the script, references, sentence structure, etc are cross checked. No stone is left unturned to ensure precision of the manuscript both to the clientele as well as the publisher satisfaction. Proof reading minimizes whatsoever chances may be present for the rejection of the manuscript by the publication of choice.

  • Reading the manuscript thoroughly and picking up all types of errors present therein.
  • Thorough and comprehensive proofreading of the manuscript.
  • Checking for the consistency in writing style (capitalization, American/British Eng).
  • Checking for consistent use of abbreviations.
  • Checking the manuscripts English language for spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.
  • Reviewing the manuscript for appropriate capitalization and punctuation.
  • Checking for spelling and grammatical errors, typing mistakes, missing words.
  • Checking the manuscript for consistency in reference style.
  • Rephrasing and revising the sentences for better style.
  • Checking the manuscript layout (headlines, paragraphs, and illustrations) for their correct dimensions and placement only.

Publication Support:

Publication of research findings in internationally recognized journals has always been a priority for every researcher in the scientific community. Drafting a manuscript according to the said journal norms can be meticulous task particularly for those who are publishing their findings for the first time. At Stratalycs we strive to not just draft the research findings in the most precise manner appropriate for individual journal but also to minimize whatsoever chances may be present for the rejection of the manuscript.


Selecting a journal could be a tedious process. Our support services include the selection of journals wherein the scope for your research to be published is high. While preference would be given to peer reviewed journals, they will be selected based on various criteria such as the scope and average citation index of the journal, the impact factor, frequency of publication, duration of publication, and most importantly on the type of articles published i.e. original research or review articles.


Each individual journal has their set of submission process which often could be confusing. At Stratalycs, we help in understanding the submission process and also submit the manuscript for you. From the registration to writing of the cover letter to submission of the manuscript and selection of prospective reviewers and filling the various requirements for the submission of manuscript may be done by our expertise. We also help in responding to the reviewers in a scientifically and grammatically precise language. We may also communicate with the editor on client's request.


Prior to submission the manuscript will be reviewed by the expertise at Stratalycs so as to ensure that all the parameters are appropriate. The title of the manuscript, abstract, methods and methodologies, results and discussions, etc will be scrutinized for their language and terminology, structure and formatting, repetitions and plagiarism (if any). The process is done so as to minimize the chances of resubmission or rejection of the manuscript for publication.


The status of the manuscript would be monitored throughout the entire process. In short, we help in the preparation of a manuscript ready for publication/ printing.