Bio Informatics

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Bioinformatics and bio-statistical expertise is a basic necessity for any organisation seeking to make an impact in a burgeoning bioscience and health sector.

The data explosion currently occurring in the medical and health sciences demands bioinformatics experts who not only understand the biological questions but can provide the appropriate solutions for big data analysis. Research projects have diverse requirements, and many researchers don't have the local computational power and allied skills for their workplace. You can opt to utilize a custom solution with Stratalycs Organization that will speed up your research and acts as your own Bioinformatics team who can produce the automated solution to serve your specific experimental questions.


The depth of our knowledge in both informatics and biology is the cornerstone of our ability to serve our clients. Stratalycs Organization provides innovative, excellent bioinformatic technologies, solutions and support what you need and assist you in every promising way in your research. We guarantee high quality results. We provide solutions from simple sequence analysis to complex software development as per the requirement of your research work.

Sequence analysis Protien structure prediction Ligand binding site prediction Computational systems biology
Genome analysis Protien motif prediction Virtual screening Biostatistics
Genome annotation Protien network analysis QSAR Molecular docking
Phylogenetic analysis Protien-ligand interactions Molecular dynamics simulations Software development
Aminoacid to structure level analysis Proteochemometrics Biochemical reaction networks