who we are

STRATALYCS Technologies Analytics Group has been a leading provider of enterprise software solutions since 2012. Our solutions work seamlessly to give organizations clear. Immediate and actionable insights into current performance and the ability to predict future outcomes. Commercial, government and academic customers worldwide rely on our provided solutions as a competitive advantage in attracting, retaining and growing customers, while reducing fraud and mitigating risk. STRATALYCS Technologies Analytics group has customers Combined with rich industry solutions, proven practices and professional services, we enable organizations to drive maximum ROI from data insights and deliver effective results.

STRATALYCS Technologies uses this information to drive a range of innovative data analytics tools, reports and services to help businesses and make better decisions. For example, businesses can measure traffic volumes at major tourist destinations to inform investment decisions; transport agencies can estimate congestion levels at major train stations; retailers can optimize staffing levels by tracking visitor numbers at shopping malls.

Analysis is provided through STRATALYCS Technologies Analytics, an online tool that enables customized queries to be created and the results to be graphically displayed, through standard Syndicated Reports, and Tailored Consulting provided by STRATALYCS Technologies team of skilled data scientists.

STRATALYCS Technologies provides best of information technology services with coordinated efforts of skilled and competing teams. Our company believes in keeping up with the current industry requirements for delivering best of IT services to the existing and prospective customers. STRATALYCS Technologies development center is furnished with updated hardware, software and network connectivity with adequate arrangements for reliability, credibility and security purpose. The incorporation of customized software development center of Excellence has enabled our professionals to gain exhaustive knowledge in the field of IT solutions.

STRATALYCS Technologies believe in valuing our customers and are committed to delivering accurate, and transparent services for building a long-term relationship with our customers. We strive for establishing and pacing up with new standards for supporting growth prospects of our customers.