How we do it?

FIRST, STRATALYCS Technologies conduct analysis on the client's existing forecast model and predictive analytics activities. These studies revealed a bias toward historical operational data – a problem that dramatically hindered the client's ability to predict irregular events.

To craft a more accurate forecast model, STRATALYCS Technologies began collecting and assembling any and all relevant consumer data. As part of this process, STRATALYCS Technologies conducted primary market research to develop a complete understanding of consumer need for the client's offering. This involved multiple consumer behavior studies through STRATALYCS Technologies Daily Tracking and the STRATALYCS Technologies Panel – one of the few research panels that is representative of the entire population. All members of STRATALYCS Technologies proprietary in-house, probability-based panel are recruited via random digit dial (RDD) methodology or address-based sampling (ABS) – proven methods for ensuring scientific integrity and results that can be accurately projected to the total population for unmatched confidence when making crucial decisions. By collecting this primary data, STRATALYCS Technologies researchers developed a more accurate representation of consumer demand and replacement cycle rates for the client's product.

In addition, STRATALYCS Technologies unearthed pertinent data from alternative sources – including market data, web data, stock exchange data, Google search trends and other historic sales, operations and public data. To further bolster the data in the forecast model, STRATALYCS Technologies incorporated its well being data, including data from the STRATALYCS Technologies Community Index, STRATALYCS Technologies Well-Being Composite Index, STRATALYCS Technologies Work Engagement Index and STRATALYCS Technologies Life Evaluation Index.

These well-being indices capture the emotional characteristics of consumers, from their confidence in their financial states to their engagement with their communities. STRATALYCS Technologies has found such factors to be highly predictive – capturing macroeconomic and socioeconomic trends that traditional data points do not. Using advanced machine learning sciences and the aforementioned data, STRATALYCS Technologies redesigned the client's forecast model for heightened predictive power.

Our mission is to help companies move towards higher levels of sophisticated and institutionalized use of analytics.

1. Understand, predict and influence consumer behavior
2. Improve marketing, pricing, supply chain, risk and claims management
3. Harmonize data, visualize information, build dashboards and forecast business performance.

Our solutions cover a broad range of analytics including:

1. Customer Insights and Analytic
2. Marketing Effectiveness
3. Business Intelligence
4. Pricing Analytics
5. Global Analytics Partnership (GAP)