Medical Coding

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Stratalycs is one of the leading medical coding companies in India providing coding services, as per the norms and with precision, to hospitals, physician offices, group practices, ACS and the like. Accuracy in medical coding is vital for revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry and an essential step prior to claim submission. Stratalycs recognizes the importance of this and hence strives to attain the utmost precision thereby enabling the clientele in generating revenue and reducing denials.

One of the main reasons for claim denials is errors in medical coding. The team of certified medical coders at Stratalycs assist the clientele by maintaining highest level of accuracy in medical coding and nullifying the errors. The principle followed by the Coding team is simple – “If it is not documented, it cannot be coded”. Based on this simple principle, Stratalycs aspires to exceed industry standards and compliances without compromising on quality and providing perfect coding services and to the satisfaction of the client.

Medical coding services provided by Stratalycs include:
  1. ICD-10-CM
  2. CPT
  3. CPC
  4. CCS and CPMA

An integral step in the process is to ensure that an accurate and error free claim is submitted to the insurance carriers. Customized teams of experienced coders oversee the HCC medical coding, the offshore coding audits and the auditing of all the coding done before the charts are processed.

Precision and accuracy in medical coding methodology produces consistency and eliminates the risk of errors. Regular feedback on any coding guideline changes and coding-related denial analysis are integral services provided to clients by Stratalycs.

Contrary to some medical coding companies that rely on external training, Stratalycs continuously imparts professional training in medical coding to all our coders to ensure that they remain well informed and updated with the latest developments.